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Living Waters Hospice aims to provide patients and their families support and comfort in the midst of difficult times.

From the President

“I have been serving the southern California community in hospice since 1998 and Golden Valley, Arizona since 2012. It is an honor for people to allow us to come into their homes, into their lives, and help them through a very difficult time of life. At Living Waters Hospice, we treat each patient and family as if they were our own loved ones.”

Blaine Whitson, President

The WHAT, HOW, and WHY of Hospice.


No one should face terminal illness alone. We will be at your side throughout this journey, delivering exceptional care for the patient, and providing ongoing support for loved ones.

We understand what you’re going through, and we commit that we’ll do whatever we can to make this time as comfortable and meaningful as it can be. We are here for you.


Whether you’re in a private home or in a care facility, Living Waters delivers comprehensive care and support, almost always at no cost to you.

This includes medical care (nursing, aides, medications, equipment, supplies), emotional and social care (counseling, spiritual support, volunteers), ongoing family support (education, resources, arrangements), and more.


Because we care. Living Waters is made up of devoted professionals, who work in hospice because they want to help people in their most trying times.

We started Living Waters on a mission to help patients and loved ones make the final months, weeks and days comfortable and meaningful. That is the heart & soul that flows through our agency.